Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where to get Coupons

I subscribe to the local newspaper which averages about 1.50-2.00 a week but I get coupons in it that save me much more than that. Often times, the paper has buy one get one free coupons. If you do not want to subscribe, you can check out the coupons in your paper before it comes out Sunday using the Sunday Coupon Preview.

Extreme couponers recommend many copies of the paper - one for each person in the house. I was pretty happy with getting 2 papers a week (and it is just my husband and I for now), but I only subscribed to 1 so we will see how this works out. You can volunteer at a recycling center and get the paper or coupons that way too for free. I know someone who worked at a school and found free coupons each week in the recycling bin. And, you can always offer to trade coupons with a friend or a neighbor.

All You is a couponing magazine sold at Walmart that has several coupons in each issue. I recently subscribed because I also liked reading about what other couponers are up to and how to make cheap crafts or decorate on a budget.

You can also get coupons on Ebay. There are people who cut and sort the coupons and often ship them out quickly because they know that we usually have a particular sale that week that we want to use the coupons. The money you pay is not for the coupons themselves but for the time and effort of clipping, sorting, and posting them online. Be very weary of free item coupons on Ebay. There is a large amount of fraud out there and you don't want to be caught participating. I usually avoid Ebay coupons but if I buy coupons online, I check to see if it is in a coupon database.
Different blogs try to keep track of all the coupons out there. So if you are looking to buy Green Giant green beans, you can check if there is a coupon for it and where you may print it/find it.

Here is my favorite:

  • You search for the item and it will tell you the value, source (SS = Smart Source, PG = Proctor & Gamble, RP = Red Plum from the newspaper, expiration date, and date that it came out.

Other sites that provide coupons online that you can print are: - Has a HUGE variety of coupons.
Target Store Coupons (more natural/organic brands) (more natural/organic brands)
  • These can be combined with manufacturer coupons to score better deals! Find an item on clearance or on sale and use a Target store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for a bargain deal! Learn more here:

  • Watch videos about products and print out corresponding coupons for the current month. But don't forget to use them before the month is over!
  • Make sure to enter in your zipcode for the most accurate coupons in your area
  • Note there are manufacturer and store coupons on this page.
  • Check your local Walgreens for the monthly coupon booklets near the store ad when you walk in. They often have all the rebate offers listed in the back.
With these sites, you will have to install a coupon printer to print your coupons. The stinky part is you can't preview your coupons before printing them. And you can only print them 1-2 times. So make sure you have ink and paper and that your printer is ready when you click print.  Sometimes the coupons print out at the bottom of the page, under an advertisement. I have lost several coupons by trying to save paper too, so be careful.

Be sure to check out your favorite brand's websites and Facebook pages to find coupons to print. You can sign up for their mailing lists (I would advise creating a separate email other than your personal one for these sign-ups) which sometimes sends out coupons via email.

There are other websites where you can clip and add online coupons to your grocery store loyalty cards:

  • When I signed up for this, I got free eggs! But be careful, I believe that these deals only apply to your "preferred store" so if you are moving or going out of town, be sure to change stores if you know one in the area that you will be using to get your discounts.

  • Here you can clip digital coupons and it will add them to your loyalty card. You will not receive the discount at the register but rather online at your Saving Star account. Once you reach $5.00, you can request a pay out with Paypal or on gift cards.

That should get you started! Happy Couponing and let me know if I can answer any of your questions (:


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