Tuesday, November 27, 2012


November 2012:
I got these things for free with my account (and my husband's) on Honest.com. It is a natural company that was started by Jessica Alba when she became a mom. We got these things for free with free shipping using coupon codes!  [picture coming]

I also won this balsamic vinegar, wow! It even came shipped from UPS! What a generous company!!!

October 2012:
I used my zombie mulch $10.00 off any $10.01 purchase at Home Depot coupon that I got by playing their Halloween Facebook game. I paid $0.01 for all of this! I LOVED those coupons and I hope they do them again next year. You can use them for all lawn and garden items at Home Depot including bug spray, toilet paper, paper towels, bird feeders, etc. The sales people pointed to 4 aisles that I could use the coupon on. I still have my $5.00 coupon that expires at the end of December. Hoping to get some good after Christmas deals with it!

September 2012:
I get a lot of freebies through coupons, signing up for them online, and entering sweepstakes. I will post some of the best freebies I get here:

I know it's hard to see but I won some Aveeno dry shampoo!!! It smells really good and I am super excited to use it. I got the Monster's Inc Boo bag from mailing in 2 kelloggs UPC codes and filling out a form. I got the fake pearl earrings from onesaleaday.com and a Smashbox Makeup Primer from playing trivia on their Facebook page. The makeup primer is going for about $30.00 on Amazon.

August 2012

These items were some of the first things that I got for free! I downloaded the Old Navy iPhone application: Snap Appy. You can take pictures of the Old Navy logo and spin a wheel for discounts and random phrases. One of the discounts is $5.00 off of any purchase! So I used my $5.00 coupon to buy this cute lunch box and these flip flops on clearance. My subtotal was actually $4.98 but the girl at the register said she could bump up the price of one of the items so I would get them for free. It was really nice of her. I didn't even have to pay tax! I also got this coupon again later with my husband's phone and was able to get a lunch tupperware for free as well. Thanks Old Navy!

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