Thursday, December 6, 2012

Farmer's Market!!!

So I have grown to love farmer's markets. I used to think they were over priced until I realized that I was probably paying too much money for processed foods from the grocery store that often lack nutritional value. If I am going to spend money on ingredients and time making a meal, wouldn't I want it to benefit my body?

So we went to my first winter farmer's market this past weekend and I loved it. I think my husband had some fun too. :) I finally was able to get some of the things that are difficult to find at the store!

-Organic basil plant - I really love fresh basil. I think fresh basil and fresh mozzarella are amazing foods, and together wow! We found a potted plant since growing my own from seed didn't work out too well.

-Organic raw, unfiltered honey - Okay I'm not sure how much this is supposed to cost but I might have paid too much for it. But I haven't seen any organic raw unfiltered honey in the stores around here so I bought us a bottle. And I always take into consideration the lovely reusable glass jar. Since I have been using this on my face, I LOVE it. But I may save this for bottle for eating because it is so good.

-100% beesewax candles - I think I really enjoy the scent of natural beesewax. They are completely non-toxic to burn. My sweetie let us buy 2. Apparently, they last five times as long as regular candles and the wax doesn't really drip. They are 10 inches and were $6.00 each. The man said they should last for 20 hours each I think. Holy cow. I hope they do. That is cheap!

-Organic onions, carrots (which I already made carrot cake out of), and whole wheat tortillas which are pretty much all gone. It was great to see what everyone had and to learn about all kinds of things. Like bee pollen.

Oh and I put the onions in pantyhose because I learned about doing this from Mavis. How wonderful! According to, it is supposed to keep 6-8 months if you store it between 40-45 degrees. Not sure where to put it where it will be that temperature exactly. I thought about burying it in the pots on our small apartment patio but I found those pots in the trash room and I'm not too fond of storing something I am going to eat in someone else's dirt. I know it's dirt, but it weirds me out. Plus that trash room smells horrible and I bet there's little germies floating in the air that get into things.


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