Friday, January 18, 2013

Candlewick Making!

This website was my inspiration for using borax in candlewick making. The author did a personal experiment with different wicks and found that wicks made with borax that were soaked overnight had a taller flame - which I like so it doesn't snuff itself out.

Some cotton string:

4 tbsp Borax, 2 tbsp table salt, and 1.5 cups water

Mis it all together and let sit overnight:

Dry it. Dip it in wax to coat it and let that dry.
*I used a candle warmer to melt some beeswax and then I dipped my wick in there. This saves another dish from getting ruined from the beeswax coating. East Peasy!

I was surprised how well the wicks burned. I did have tall flames and they were beautiful!

Also note this website which describes what to add in your candle wick making solution to change the color of the flame. Interesting!

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