Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pectin or No Pectin?

I have researched several jam/jelly recipes lately and it seems strange that some people are passionate about NOT using pectin in their jam or jelly. I have read from reviews that using pectin reduces the amount of sugar that you need in a recipe (what's not to like about that?) but then I just read a review about a "pure" recipe without pectin in it and the writer stressed that pectin recipes require more sugar. I am so confused.

I don't mind using pectin. It doesn't seem completely hazardous or anything. Mostly, I didn't have the money to buy it right away so that's why I have been primarily looking for recipes that don't need it. I thought it was a natural ingredient like citric acid or something. And so I am confused about why people strictly do not want it in their jam or jelly.

Someone mentioned something about using pectin because the "old fashioned" methods boil all of the nutrients out of the fruit. And when one uses pectin, the boiling time is considerably less making it healthier and more convenient. I can see that.

So I am curious what the deal is with pectin. Anyone?

Once again, I apologize because I hate to proofread.


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