Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Free Apples & Peaches!

So I was visiting with a friend (that same friend whose words of truth helped me to begin canning in the first place!) who had a friend with an apple and peach tree in her front yard. This kind friend of hers said we could come and pick apples and peaches for FREE while she wasn't home! I am so grateful!!

The peaches (in the middle) were the best peaches I've ever had and they were either eaten up or canned within a few days of having them.

And I got this giant sized zuchinni to take home too!

So off to learn how to can peaches I went!

I canned 2 quart jars and learned that you can "blanch" them like I learned recently about tomatoes to peel the skin and core them. They have a TON of water too. I actually saved the juice that I boiled them in and used it to make green tea = peach green tea. It was pretty good and my husband liked it as well.

I only found a few wormies in the apples (although I still have a ton in the fridge) and lots of applesauce and apple butter was made with all of these.

I also learned that you can go on Craigslist and find people who will let you come and pick their fruit for free. Although I am questioning why some of those ads were "flagged for removal." If you don't feel safe going to someone's house DON'T GO. Be really careful of these things.

Anyway, I was disappointed to learn that my parents know about blanching and what canning is and I am just now learning these things. I wonder why they didn't teach me. >:(

Oh well.


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