Friday, January 18, 2013

Beeswax Candles

I came across this cute DIY blog which made making beeswax candles look incredibly easy - and even fun so I thought I would be able to do it with my own adjustments...

After a long days work of trying to make beeswax candles, I have learned solid dos and don'ts for my next attempt.

Remember that block of beeswax that I bought off of Amazon (right)

Never again! I will purchase my beeswax in the pellet form! (or already made candles if I am feeling really lazy) Grating this baby was a two-day process for me. My arms were sore, like lactic acid accumulation sore the next day.

It was extremely difficult to clean my cheese grater. Beeswax can be used to coat metal and waterproof certain things. I poured boiling water over it multiple times to get most of the coating off. I was grating with so much pressure (that block of wax is hard) that the bottom part of my grater broke off. However, it still works okay considering we hardly hand grate cheese.

Secondly, I thought I could make candles without the metal wick tabs to hold the wick in place at the bottom. Honestly, I was trying to save myself a trip to the store. After making my own candle wicks, I thought I could make the candle tabs...but that didn't go well. So I literally sat there after the wax cooled, holding the wick in place. That actually didn't work out as bad as you would think but the wick gets curled up towards the bottom and the candle gets ruined earlier.

I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the beeswax candles that I made because they were so pitiful. I will surely take pictures of ones I make later down the road that turn out better. And whose wicks I won't have to manually hold while the candle dries...!

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