Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Nice Treat

On a cool Saturday morning, I left lovely Colorado to travel home and visit family. It has been over ONE HUNDRED DEGREES here pretty much every day. I can't say that this is new to me since I grew up here, but I forgot what it was like living in such a hot place.

So I was surprised to learn that things actually grow on trees here too. I remember when I was little and realized the concept of gardening, I wanted to grow strawberries and blackberries and my parents told me it was too hot. I think it can be done, but maybe we didn't have the money to pay for the water bill to keep little plants like that alive. I don't know so I grew accustomed to growing tomatoes and squash and cucumbers and thought that was all that grew in Texas.

I spent the weekend with my good friend and learned that she had a particular tree in her front yard. I can't believe I never knew that we could grow these things here in TX and in the convenience of our yards!

And look what goodies she let me take home:


Yes, unripe pecans!!

But watch out. They stain your hands. I didn't want to disgrace you with a picture of my hands that look like I played in poop. I wonder when this blackish yellow stuff will come off. The peels turn yellow too after a little bit of air exposure - reminded me of apples turning yellow.

As you can see, I didn't get the entire green skin off. I also learned that there are Pecan Weevils that get into the pecans. They lay their eggs in there and the babies (worm things) eat their way out. So all of the brown pecans on the ground were empty because they worm things devoured their way out. At least they are not in there now, all fat and fed being lazy and gross.

I know that it is too early for pecans. I guess their prime season is October and November. But I wanted to pick some of these early and see what would happen. So I am going to let them dry a little. I already ate some and they tasted fine (although I am not too picky). However, they were a little soft. Buy why wait and let all of the bugs get to them first?

I guess we will see what happens. I'm not sure if I should just sit them out or try to dehydrate them..probably in the garage would do in this TX heat!

We shall see! (:

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